More than 40% of women will end their pregnancy at one point in the reproductive life. The abortion is one of the most common medical procedures in the US. Our years of experience make it one of the safest.

Though we recommend for teenage patients to discuss the subject with their family, in the State of New York parental consent is not required for an abortion procedure.

NOTE: Appointments are not required, Walk-ins welcome. If you decide to have an abortion by surgery, please refrain from eating, drinking or smoking after midnight the night before the abortion. This includes chewing gum, eating candy or drinking water.


Before the procedure the following is necessary (for all abortion methods):



This method, though relatively new, has revolutionized the field. It involves the use of pills to induce your period.

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This method has beed developed and refined over 30 years. It involves the use of suction to end the pregnancy under general or local anesthesia. This is a safe procedure as our doctors have decades of experience in this field.

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